I got a compliment from an internet stranger today and for the first time in the history of me getting compliments, I believed them.

It’s really funny how much progress I’ve made this spring. It’s like granFanda’s passing opened my eyes to my real life’s goals. My husband said losing his last grandparent was for him the closing of the chapter on his childhood. He was 19. I’m 34. Lol. He’s probably right.


I’m tired of holding some of these grudges. I’m never going to forgive my mother for the things she did to me, but I don’t want the resentment to ruin what I’ve made for myself, either. I don’t want her to win in any way. She tried to steal my sister from me, so I stole her son. She tried to steal my dignity from me, so I stole her peace. She tried to steal my future, so I ruin her present. And when she gave up on me and moved onto her Golden Child, I stole her authority.

I almost pity her for what’s coming, but she deserves every abandonment. This is MY family now.

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