So this has nothing to do with anything but my bff in the whole world married a guy last spring with 2 boys (she also has a boy from her 1st marriage). This dude played the trombone in school. Her kid plays the trombone in his school. The dude’s oldest son plays the trombone at his highschool. And as of 9pm Tonite the dude’s youngest son was just assigned a trombone for 5th grade band. She is livid. It is hilarious. She told me since they moved to their new place the husband keeps bringing up boxes from his storage unit and- miraculously- another of trombone appears in the house. The last time she actively counted there were 12 trombones in their home, 5 of which got “regular use.”

I’m actually dying laughing at her trombone outrage rn.


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